New Year - New Career?

New Year - New Career?

With the New Year fast approaching many people use the Christmas break to review their career and how it fits in with their desired goals and lifestyle. Some may be simply thinking to change their employer however others may be looking for a complete change in their career path.  No matter what the desired outcome, it will be necessary for them to promote themselves effectively to prospective employers in order to make any move.

Currently however it is difficult for candidates to fully promote themselves to employers other than through finding a suitable advertised opportunity and submitting their CV or completing a job application form.  The issue with this is that it only enables them to present their educational background and the skills and experiences they have learnt from previous employment.  The result is that employers can only match their requirements to the details listed by the candidate which is often an automated process within larger organisations.  The outcome is a one-dimensional recruitment selection process that puts square blocks into square holes and excludes candidates that do not tick all the boxes. 

Recruitment agencies go some way to bridging this gap by pre-vetting candidates and ensuring that talent does not slip through the recruitment net.  This however is reliant on the recruitment agency being able to effectively assess the candidate’s soft skills and then also being in a position to challenge the employer to promote candidates that may not exactly match their requirements.

Video technology however offers both employers and candidates an excellent opportunity to bridge this gap and enhance the recruitment and matching process through candidates being able to present their soft skills to employers and employers being able to more effectively promote their opportunity to candidates.  So why has recruitment been slow to incorporate this technology? 

In my opinion there are two reasons:

Firstly, whilst there are many video suppliers supporting the recruitment industry, their services are more geared to supporting employers once they have made their initial shortlisting selection.  Whilst this will support the assessment of shortlisted candidates, many potentially suitable candidates would have already been rejected at this point. 

Secondly, candidates fear of promoting themselves in front of the camera. Even where candidates are offered the opportunity to promote themselves, they often still shy away from producing a video. There are various psychological reasons for this however primarily it comes down to candidates not having experience of presenting themselves in front of camera. 

To address these issues, I have developed a video-based app and platform that enables candidates to promote themselves directly to employers.  The platforms are split between Jobs 2U Direct, which supports Temporary, Interim and Graduate job seekers with promoting themselves directly to employers and NET Direct, which supports Permanent job seekers applying to a vacancy.  The platforms offer candidates a safe environment where they can produce their video profiles anywhere, anytime and as many times as they like. Candidates also have access to a large selection of self-help videos and a cue prompt to assist them with delivering their message. 

Both platforms integrate with Direct Hiring Solutions where employers can assess the CV and video profiles of candidates that match their requirements and make a more informed decision on shortlisting the talent their business needs. The platform also enables the employer to promote their company and vacancy through video thereby improving candidate engagement.

To find out more contact me at or simply register on the platforms.