Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything

Looking for the right job can very often boil down to getting the timing right.  So often when a job seeker is looking to change their position their perfect job is simply not available at that time. As a recruiter, I have informed many candidates that we had just filled a role that they would have been ideal for which is very frustrating for both the employer and job seeker. 

The current thought process of “I am happy at the moment so not looking to move” is great and I would be the first to say that if you enjoy what you do then don’t move!  However, I would argue that looking for a job is not a switch you turn on and off.  Instead, I would suggest that being in a great job should not prevent you from being aware of opportunities that are available. Through being more aware of the job market means you can value yourself, and if nothing else, not get too comfortable or complacent in your current role.  You also do not want to get to a position where you need to, or are being forced to move jobs as this can result in you needing to move to an inappropriate job which can be a slippery career slope and negatively affect your career.

There are, however, currently no viable options available for job seekers to be kept aware of ongoing opportunities. It is possible for job seekers to continuously look out for suitable job adverts however it is estimated that only 40% of jobs are advertised, and it is also very time consuming with no guarantee they will see all the relevant jobs.  They can register with a recruitment agency, however if they continually turn down the offer of an interview the agency will eventually stop using them.  Beyond these, the alternative options currently available to job seekers to promote themselves directly to employers through LinkedIn or job boards significantly compromise their current employment and can result in them receiving inappropriate calls from recruiters and employers. 

To address this issue, I created Jobs 2U Direct. The platform and app enable’s job seekers to confidentially promote their profile directly to employers.  By job seekers being able to promote their profile without the fear that anyone could find out where they work, or be able to contact them directly, means they can safely promote their profile to employers and be notified of relevant opportunities. If the job seeker is not interested in the opportunity, they simply select the reason from a dropdown but at least they have been made aware of the opportunity and had the opportunity to apply for the position.  Likewise, it ensures the employer had the opportunity to promote their opportunity to suitable job seekers.

The platform supports Permanent, Temporary, and Interim roles as well as graduate Internships and Placements.  To register on the platform, visit www.jobs2udirect.com or download the app, search for Jobs 2U Direct. 

If you are an employer, then visit www.directhiringsolutions.com.  For further information on the platforms or our affiliate schemes feel free to email me at david@directhiringsolutions.com