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What is Jobs 2U Direct?

Jobs 2U Direct is the only platform that enables you to promote your profile directly and confidentially to employers. It also opens up the hidden job market enabling you to gain access to jobs that are not advertised.

No more waiting for replies to job applications, receiving inappropriate calls from recruiters or awkward questions from the boss. Instead, employers confidentially review your profile and then invite you to review their opportunity. You then get to view the full details of their vacancy and it’s only when you accept their job invitation that your contact details are shared with the employer.

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It's quick, it's simple, it's effective...

Produce one profile and open the door to unlimited opportunities, some of which you may not have even considered!

One Profile – Unlimited Opportunities

Set up your free profile

Simply upload your CV and select your experience & job requirements with the option to also promote yourself via video or audio.


Employers match their opportunity to your profile

Employers can then match your profile against their requirements and assess your suitability. If they feel that you are suitable for their role, they simply invite you to review their opportunity which can include videos about their company and vacancy


Review the opportunity

If you are interested in the opportunity, you simply accept the invitation which makes your contact details available to the company to make direct contact with you. If you are not interested, then you simply select the reason why

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    See Beyond The CV

    Understand the candidates personality, desires and motivations

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    Watch Anywhere & Anytime

    Review prospective candidates from wherever and whenever you like

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    Save Time

    No need to spend time arranging interviews with unsuitable candidates

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    Speed Up Recruitment

    Approach candidates directly with your role

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    Gain Valuable Feedback

    Understand why candidates might not be interested in your opportunity

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    Free Advertising

    Advertise your job across all the leading job boards at no cost

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    Identify Those Gems

    Assess candidates you might have overlooked based upon their CV

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    Filter your search to identify candidates that match your specific requirements

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    Promote Yourself

    Promote your company and vacancies through video

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    Reduce Costs

    Significantly reduce costs by contacting candidates directly and cutting out recruitment fees

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    Be In Control

    Receive notifications of new candidate registrations that match your requirements

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    Promote Your Opportunity

    Your job advert will be professionally written to maximise the response

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    Promote Yourself Confidentially

    Promote your profile directly to employers without compromising your contact details.

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    Stay in Control

    Produce your profile from wherever, whenever and as many times as you like

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    Don't Waste Time & Money

    No need to waste time & money attending interviews for unsuitable roles.

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    Make it Relevant

    Only hear about opportunities that match your specific requirements

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    Quickly Produce Your Profile

    Upload your CV to quickly create your profile

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    Be Informed

    Really understand the opportunity by viewing videos of the company and vacancy

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    Endless Opportunities

    Gain access to the hidden job market and hear about jobs that are not advertised

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    Speed Up the Process

    Communicate directly with the employer to improve communication

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    It's Simple, It's Effective and it's Free!

    Produce one profile and open the door to endless opportunities

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    Gain Valuable Online Training

    Enjoy access to a suite of videos covering video interviewing & creating your CV



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